CAPT 2020 Annual Conference:

2020-10-26 8:00:00

Taking Action on Real World Evidence: From Analysis to Impact

Where is RWE at in Canada & Where is it Going?
In this introductory panelist session of the 2018 Annual Conference, we examine when and where RWE has been used in Canada to date, and what the future looks like for collecting, analyzing and interpreting real world data. The panelists focus on examples from their perspective and experience, that will demonstrate the opportunities and limitations/stumbling blocks of the implementation of RWE in this country, with an emphasis on where we are going.

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About CAPT

The Canadian Association for Population / Association Canadienne pour la Thérapeutiques des Populations (CAPT-ACTP) is a not-for-profit membership-based organization comprised of scientists and researchers, government, industry and consulting, academia and the patient community. Canadian research spans and reflects our diverse membership base and includes epidemiology, economics and policy decision-making across a number of disease strands and unique stakeholder interests.

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Mina Tadrous is a scientist at @wchwihv and investigator with @ODPRN_Research. Come hear Mina share his journey on patient engagement in research on the safety & effectiveness of chronic disease medications. Register here

Currently, 3 million+ Canadians are diagnosed with #diabetes and a new report warns that reimbursement costs for drugs to treat diabetes have been increasing by 13% per year on average since 2010. #CdnHealth

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