CAPT 2021 Annual Conference:

2021-10-25 11:00:00

Our 2021 Annual Conference is the 25th Anniversary of CAPT

Our theme  is 

“Evidence in a Time of Crisis”

October 25-27, 2021


program as of Oct. 23/2021

sessions include:

  • COVID & Cancer
  • Closing the gaps to timely patient access
  • CAR-T-RWE generations and impact on HTA (International experience)
  • Vaccine selection: decision making in real-time during a pandemic
  • Patient support programs (PSP) and rare disease: utilization of RWE in strategy
  • New methods in lifecycle HTA to manage uncertainty
  • Whose perspective, modeling in a time of crisis – what has the pandemic taught us?

About CAPT

The Canadian Association for Population / Association Canadienne pour la Thérapeutiques des Populations (CAPT-ACTP) is a not-for-profit membership-based organization comprised of scientists and researchers, government, industry and consulting, academia and the patient community. Canadian research spans and reflects our diverse membership base and includes epidemiology, economics and policy decision-making across a number of disease strands and unique stakeholder interests.

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It's a wrap on Day 1 of #CAPT_ACTP2021! Join us tomorrow for more interesting discussions on vaccine selection, the future of healthcare over the next 30 years and how to use patient support programs for real-world evidence in the context of rare disease therapies.

Moderator @jmbeca kicking-off our second session for #CAPT_ACTP2021 on describing the challenges associated with evidence generation and value assessment for novel therapies highlighting international examples of real-world evidence collection and utilization for CAR T.

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