About Us

About Us

The Canadian Association for Population / Association Canadienne pour la Thérapeutiques des Populations (CAPT-ACTP) is a not-for-profit membership-based organization comprised of scientists and researchers, government, industry and consulting, academia and the patient community. Canadian research spans and reflects our diverse membership base and includes epidemiology, economics and policy decision-making across a number of disease strands and unique stakeholder interests

CAPT-ACTP Code of Conduct (2023)


Our mission is to advance population-based research of therapeutic interventions to improve the health outcomes of Canadians by:

  • Bringing together diverse perspectives.
  • Facilitating open exchange of ideas and collaboration.
  • Influencing policy and practice.

Our long-term vision is to become the recognized Canadian leader for linking population-based therapeutic research, policy and practice to optimize health outcomes.

Strategic Goals

As a primarily volunteer-driven organization, we focus on the study of effectiveness, harm, use and economics of medications, vaccines, medical devices, new innovations or complementary medicines relevant to the health and wellness of Canadian populations. Informed by consultative processes with our membership, partners and key stakeholders, we:

  • Provide a forum for the reporting, scientific discussion, and dissemination of the data derived from population-based studies of drugs and other therapeutic interventions.
  • Promote the development of methodologies and resources for the study of drug and other therapeutic interventions.
  • Serve as an information resource for decision-making with respect to therapeutic interventions.
  • Influence public health policy.


2022 financial statement 


Kris Schindel was CAPT secretariat for many years, providing strong support and continuity to the CAPT Board and Executive in the face of ever-changing board composition and skill sets, administrative tasks too numerous to mention, assistance with day to day financial transactions, and of course conference support. Most members will remember Kris at the conference itself, as the face in the background who dealt with the many questions and mini-crises that needed to be addressed.

In acknowledgment of her enduring impact and contribution to CAPT, the Board established the annual “Kris Schindel Award” to recognize CAPT members who have in some way contributed significantly to the betterment of the organization. Nominations are open to all members, and the Board selects the recipient, traditionally named during the awards ceremony at the end of each Annual Conference.

Nomination Criteria:
The following criteria should be used to identify potential nominees. Where possible, members should provide specifics regarding at least two of the following:

  1. Contribution to CAPT. Nominees should have had a role in creating, sustaining, reshaping, or re-vitalizing CAPT over the years.
  2. Participation in CAPT Annual Conferences. Nominees should have had a track record in participating in the CAPT conference as an attendee, a poster participant, a presenter, a moderator, or a speaker.
  3. Service to CAPT. Nominees have demonstrated their commitment to CAPT by serving on its committees, the board, or the executive.

Nominations should be forwarded to the attention of Peggy Kee (peggy.kee@sunnybrook.ca)