Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The organizational structure of the Canadian Association for Population Therapeutics consists of a Board of Directors of up to 15 members, who supervise, control and direct all activities of the Association in the pursuit of its mission and goals governed by the Association’s By-Laws. The Board is led by the President, supported by the President Elect, the immediate Past President and the Treasurer. The President, President Elect, the immediate Past President and the Treasurer form the Executive Committee. All positions are elected. The President position is a three-year commitment, while all other Board members are elected for a term of two years, renewable for another two years, after which the member must stand down. Details of the roles and responsibilities are available in the CAPT’s Roles, Responsibilities and Policies Manual and its By-Laws.


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In keeping with our By-Laws, the Board of Directors is comprised of up to fifteen (15) members duly elected by the CAPT-ACTP membership. There is no remuneration however, members may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred while performing duties associated with this role. Members of the Board of Directors are required to maintain a CAPT-ACTP membership in good standing throughout their term and invest time in preparing for and attending monthly meetings, and other committee meetings as required.

Board members are actively engaged in all CAPT-ACTP activities and are very much “hands-on” with respect to advancing the following strategic goals: (1) Drive awareness regarding CAPT-ACTP. (2) Establish CAPT-ACTP as a neutral convenor of stakeholders in support of dialogue on generating, accessing, sharing, and leveraging population-based data in Canada. (3) Provide member value. (4) Ensure organizational stability.

Board members are expected to attend all regular Board meetings (currently held by teleconference the second Tuesday of each month), as well as two extended Board meetings per year that are generally held in the Spring and during the Fall Annual Conference. Board members are also expected to participate fully in any monthly committee teleconference calls; assume a leadership role in one or more of CAPT-ACTP related activities, as represented by standing and/or ad hoc committees; attend the Annual General Meeting; participate in strategic planning and execution, and participate in other activities related to the role of Board member.


The Canadian Association For Population Therapeutics 2023 Board Of Directors


Julia Shen


Adam Haynes


Shanna Trenaman


Belinda Yap


Peggy Kee


Wajd Alkabbani
Alexander Chambers
Jason Robert Guertin
Shazia Hassan

Tim Marshall
Dan Moldaver
Yen Nguyen
Danielle Nagy (student rep)

Joan Paulin (patient rep)
Raina Rogoza
Eon Ting