CAPT-ACTP 2021 Evidence in a Time of Crisis

Virtual Format October 25-27, 2021

CAPT-ACTP is proceeding with the abstract submission process. All accepted 2021 abstracts will be published in the Journal of Population Therapeutics & Clinical Pharmacology

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Submission opens May 10, 2021 & closes June 30 midnight EST, 2021

Free Registration to Students with an accepted abstract

Submission Information:

All abstracts must be submitted using the website submission process. Please go to www.capt-actp.ca and follow the links on the conference tab. The Preliminary Program and conference registration will be available at a later date.  All abstracts accepted for presentation will be published on-line in the Journal of Population Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology at http://www.jptcp.com/

Student Awards:

CAPT is pleased to announce that the following presentation awards will be made at the conference:

Best student podium award: This award is for excellence in an oral presentation by a student. The winner will receive $200.00.

Best student poster award: This award is for excellence in a poster presentation by a student. The winner will receive $200.00.


For questions about abstract submission, please contact Peggy Kee at peggy.kee@sunnybrook.ca

Visit the CAPT website at www.capt-acpt.ca in the coming weeks for the preliminary program and registration information for the conference.

Guidelines for Preparing Abstracts for Oral or Poster Presentations

Please read the following guidelines carefully before preparing your abstract(s):

  • Abstracts must be submitted on-line at the CAPT website (capt-actp.ca) under Conferences.
  • All mandatory fields must be completed in order for your abstract to be successfully submitted.
  • The body of the abstract must not exceed 250 words, otherwise it will be truncated.
  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts an author may submit. However, only one oral presentation will be granted per first author, and authors must be available to present their posters at scheduled sessions.
  • Individuals do not need to be a member of CAPT to submit an abstract, but they must register and become a member to present the abstract at the conference.
  • Abstracts must contain:

Title (for all abstracts)

All abstract titles should be in sentence case and clearly indicate the content of the presentation and, if appropriate, the method used.

Authors (for all abstracts)

Authors should be listed in the order in which they are to appear in the abstract book, last name followed by the initials of the given names of each author, as well as their organizational affiliations.  As the submission program will not subscript numbers for author affiliations please identify by number following the first initial (ie. Smith AB1,2, Doe AB1, etc.)

Presenting author (for all abstracts)

The presenting author should be identified and an email address provided for all correspondence.

Conflict of interest (for all abstracts)

Conflict of interest or lack thereof must be declared on behalf of all authors.

Student/ trainee (for all abstracts)

Please indicate whether you are a full-time or part-time student. Select “No” if you are not a student.

 Source of Funding (for all abstracts)

All sources of funding for the study must be listed. If no source of funding, please indicate “None”.


For analytical or clinical studies:

Clearly state the problem, study objective(s), research question and/or hypothesis.

Example Abstract

For conceptual, institutional, educational, or policy papers:

Clearly describe the purpose of the work or the issue to be discussed.


For analytical or clinical studies:

Please include a brief description of the research design, study population, setting, procedures for data collection, and methods of analysis (including statistical techniques) used.

For conceptual, institutional, educational, or policy presentations:     

Please include approaches used, institutional, organizational or theoretical frameworks applied, or development of rationale discussed.

Results (for all abstracts)

State important study findings.

Conclusions (for all abstracts)

Provide a concise statement indicating the relevance of the findings.

Keywords (for all abstracts)

Please provide 3 key words. At least one should refer to the methodology used for the study.

 Preference (for all abstracts)

Please indicate if you would prefer an oral or poster presentation. (Note restrictions on oral presentations described in 4 above.)

Encore Presentation

Please indicate whether your abstract has been published previously in a peer-reviewed journal.  Authors may present encore presentations; however, we are unable to publish the abstract content in our program or in the Journal of Population Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology.

Please format your abstract as follows:

  1. The abstract title should be sentence case with only the first letter of the first word capitalized.
  2. Author names should be listed as surname, then initials of given names (e.g. Rieder MJ) without punctuation.
  3. Indicate the presenting author.
  4. Text should be single-spaced indicating Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions.
  5. No tables, charts or graphs will be accepted.
  6. Do not leave spaces between paragraphs.

In order to help match abstracts to reviewers, please classify your abstract into the following categories (select all that apply):

  • Cost-effectiveness / health economics
  • Decision-making
  • Drug safety and effectiveness
  • Pharmaceutical policy
  • Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Randomized Controlled Trials
  • Reimbursement policy
  • Vaccines

If your abstract was submitted correctly, you will receive an automatic notification on your monitor thanking you for your submission.  Within 24 hours, you will receive confirmation by e-mail that your abstract was been received by the conference secretariat. If you do not receive this, please contact Peggy Kee at peggy.kee@sunnybrook.ca