Kris Schindel Annual Award

Kris Schindel was CAPT secretariat for many years, providing strong support and continuity to the CAPT Board and Executive in the face of ever changing board composition and skill sets, administrative tasks too numerous to mention, assistance with day to day financial transactions, and of course conference support. Most members will remember Kris at the conference itself, as the face in the background who dealt with the many questions and mini crises that needed to be addressed.

In acknowledgement of her enduring impact and contribution to CAPT, the board established the annual “Kris Schindel Award” to recognize CAPT members who have in some way contributed significantly to the betterment of the organization


2012    Kris Schindel
2013    Angela Rocchi / Nigel Rawson
2014    Mitch Levine
2015    Colleen Metge
2016    Roy West
2017    Nicole Mittmann
2018    Wendy Morton
2019    Allan Gillman
2020   Judith Glennie
2021    Soo Jin Seung