4th Annual Canadian Therapeutics Congress

The 4th Annual Canadian Therapeutics Congress was held from May 27th – 30th, 2007 at the Westin Nova Scotia, Halifax.

The theme of the 2007 congress was “the virtuous circle: Therapeutics from molecule to patient to population and back,” with sub-themes on therapeutics for vulnerable populations, therapeutic innovations; human resources in drug evaluation; health technology assessment; information technology; drug policy; and advances in therapeutics education.

We have been granted permission to post the following presentations:

Sunday May 27, 2007

Ross J Baldessarini, MD
Psychopharmacology for Suicide Prevention

David Haslam, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Righting the Wrongs of Psychopharmacology – Addressing the Physical Health of Psychiatric Patients: Focus on schizophrenia and “atypical” antipsychotics

Brendan Carr, MD, MBA
Canadian Therapeutics Congress – Satellite Symposium: Disease Management Partnerships – Creating Health Solutions

Richard Lewanczuk, MD, PhD
Chronic Disease Management: A Region-Wide, Integrated Approach

Andrew Pipe, CM, MD
Developing an Integrated System of Excellence in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Monday May 28, 2007

David W Nierenberg, MD
Training Students Who Are Competent in Clinical Pharmacology

Tammy J Clifford, PhD
Health Technology Assessment at CADTH: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Brian B Hoffman, MD
Layered Approaches to Studying Drug Responses

Stanley Nattel, MD
Rational Approach to Improving Cardiac Arrhythmia Therapy

Donald Zarowny, MSc, MD
The Human Immunodeficiency Virus: Where did it come from? – Where is it going?

Peter McLeod, MD
Challenges for Pharmacology and Therapeutics Educators

Tuesday May 29, 2007

CSCP & CAPT 2007
Canadian Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Canadian Association for Population Therapeutics 2007

Sean B Rourke, PhD
Epidemiology of Vulnerable Populations: The Ontario HIV/Aids Experience

Grace Paterson, PhD
Overview of Health Informatics and Clinical Decision Support Systems

Peter J Zed, BSc, BSc (Pharm), ACPR, PharmD, FCSHP
The Role of Personal Digital Assistants in Pharmacosurveillance: A Canadian Experience Evaluating Drug-Related Hospital Visits

Susan Tett, PhD, BPharm, MPS
Using Health Informatics for Pharmacoepidemiologic Research in Australia

Noralou P Roos, PhD
Canadian Drug Policy Development Coalition and the National Pharmaceuticals Strategy

Jacques LeLorier, MD, PhD, FRCPC FISPE
Reasonable Expectations in Drug Reimbursement

Wednesday May 30, 2007

Carlo De Angelis, RPh, PharmD
Therapeutic Innovations in Oncology: Targeted Therapies Coming of Age

Jeff Kirby, MD, MA and Emily Somers, BSc Pharm
E3 Decision Making Framework – Nova Scotia CSTPC

Ross J Baldessarini, MD
Psychopharmacology: Advances & Challenges

Scott Halperin, MD
Vaccinology: From Bench to Bedside to Boardroom

Shelly McNeil, MD, FRCPC
Licensing a vaccine to prevent cancer: Clinical trials of Human papillomavirus vaccines

Mike Tierney, BSc Pharm, MSc
Public Involvement in Centralized Drug Reimbursement Processes